Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A word of the Fairies

Over the dewy fields at dawn
We skim as lightly as the fawn;
As the sun arises, the flight is higher,
It goes faster and faster through the dells,
Through the fern, so moist and sweet,
Through the woods where the moss is deep;
On to the tree tops, tall and straight,
Then on again to heaven's gate;
Ah, the rush and whir of the gauze-like wings
Make music sweeter than mortal sings,
As the Fairies gather and swarm above,
Their sweet little voices filled with love;
Oh! who can doubt their presence sweet,
Or the tinkle of bells on their gleaming feet?
Not I, for I long to believe it true
That Fairies still live to cheer us mortals
In all that we find on earth to do;
Be it worthy of trusty fairy love
It cannot harm, nor lead astray,
For it is Truth and bright as the day
To those who see and would have them stay.

Clifford (Spirit)