Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Spiritual Reality

As human souls unfold in spirit-life, will they also pass farther away from our earth? If so, will the memory of having lived on the earth finally become obliterated from their minds? 

The soul is not bound to any special locality. It exists independent of locality. It is not at all necessary that the soul should pass away from the earth and its conditions after it rises from a state of ignorance to a state of wisdom or from unhappiness to happiness. The soul is not governed by localities or by the conditions of time. It is a thing eternal. It belongs to eternity and progresses according to the laws of eternal life.

Was there ever a period in man's history when his soul was not an immortal entity? 

We believe the soul to be co-existent with God and, therefore, eternal. We believe it has always existed as a distinct entity and we believe it will always continue to have an existence but that it will perpetually change its form of manifestations, so that while you recognise it by its external expressions, you will be apt to consider that it has changed states, has lost its priority – but it is not so. It is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Hosea Ballou (Spirit)

If future events can be foretold, does it not teach foreordination and that we are not wholly responsible for our acts?

I believe that a great eternal law runs through all the events of life. I believe, also, that this great tide of being determines concerning all the events of life. I believe that every human soul, as an intelligence, possesses each its distinctive quality of responsibility. Just so far as that soul understands what right is, just so far that soul is responsible to that law of right. And who so sins against it, sins against what may properly be termed the Holy Ghost, for I know of nothing holier than the divine law which makes us conscious of right.

One says, in the Banner of Light, that the spirit, the intelligent part, the motive power, does not dwell within the body. Now I had supposed that the spiritual body dwelt within the material body and separated from it at death and became the immortal form of the inner spirit. Will you explain this point? 

No, it does not dwell within the body any more  than the performer on the musical instrument dwells within the instrument. It is outside of the body but adapted to it so far as it is in rapport with the body. So far as there is disease, the spirit is not present in full action – has lost its control precisely on the same principle that a musical performer would lose control of the instrument when one of the keys was out of order. People who believe that the spirit dwells within the body will have to unlearn their mistake sooner or later.

When you control the medium, do you enter her form or come in rapport with the physical aura of her system?

No, I surround it; I enclose it within my spiritual embrace. I act on it precisely as she, in her normal condition, acts on it.

William E. Channing (Spirit)